Cosmetic Dentistry for Better Confindence and Success

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Cosmetic Dentistry for Better Confindence and Success

Cosmetic Dentistry for Better Confindence and Success

It’s nice to imagine a world where looks aren’t important, but we don’t live there, do we? The truth is, the majority of the population will initially judge us based on our appearance. The first attribute most people notice is the eyes, followed closely by the smile. Crooked, discolored, or missing teeth send the message that a person does not take good care of himself. An unattractive smile also conveys poor health and can make you look older than you are. Fortunately, we live in the age of cosmetic dentistry, when a visit to Dr. Eghosa , Mima Dental Clinic  could change your smile and the impression you make.

What is an “attractive smile?”

The traditional attractive smile in Nigeria  has:

  • No missing teeth
  • Straight teeth
  • White teeth
  • Teeth with the traditional tooth shape, no imperfections
  • No chipped or cracked teeth
  • No metal dental work
  • Teeth have natural reflectivity (don’t look dull or fake)
  • Teeth that are proportionate to the facial features
  • Symmetrical teeth, right and left
  • Only a small amount of gum tissue showing above top teeth
  • Healthy gums
  • Fresh breath

How can Cosmetic Dentistry help?

Correcting your smile’s imperfections is possible with cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Eghosa will need to talk with you about what you love and hate about your teeth, and she’ll also conduct a thorough oral health examination. All cosmetic restorations should be build upon a healthy foundation, so they’ll endure the test of time. Oral health is also paramount to overall health, and your health is of utmost importance to us.

Dr. Eghosa will suggest the appropriate cosmetic dentistry procedures to brighten, straighten, and correct your teeth. She may also recommend a periodontal (gum tissue) procedure, if appropriate. You will have options. For instance, porcelain veneers can correct the size, shape, alignment, and color of your teeth. However, you may opt for dental bonding instead. Bonding does not last as long as veneers, but it also does not cost as much. However, porcelain veneers cover the entire front surface of a tooth and can look new for many years. Dr. Eghosa will inform you of the pros and cons of various treatment options, so you and she can devise a practical treatment plan that will deliver the smile you want.

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